Putting the ism in minimal

Minimalism is an art form and one that when applied to photography hovers between the profound and the pointless, the emotive and the bland. It is a style I favour and although it seems simple, that sock-it-in-the-eye simplicity is hard to achieve. There are some guidelines and reductionism is key. The following photos have minimalism as overlay though I would not say they completely fit the category :-

negative space, natural subjects, duotones
the leading lines direct the gaze to the horizon and infinity for a meditative sense
side-lining the main subject for the smaller details
a simple composition with focal point
a strong geometric shape of building and sky
small subject in negative space
simple outlines with silhouettes
making colour the accidental
soft curves on harder lines
a solitary scene – the complexity of sand patterns gives visual interest
intentional blur and the impressionism of minimalism

With thanks to Amy and the Lens Artists Photo Challenge: Less is More (though I have displayed rather more photos than normal)

Blue Monday with bells

Equivalent to the Japanese Hanami, many of us go in search of the wonder of the Spring woodland – Hyacinthoides non-scripta or British bluebells

Well worth the climb up from Felley Priory to the bluebell woods

When I went this week, the bluebells were already turning, having been summoned by a somewhat early start to Spring. Also the light was overcast most of the time so not ideal conditions for photographing this spectacle but …

As children we would pick the flowers without a second thought and I remember the exuberance of running through bluebell woods but now these are protected species and only animals veer from the woodland paths

Bluebells take time to establish so the swathes we see are indicative of ancient woodland and all need to be preserved. But of course the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) does not apply to developments nor the HS2 rail which will tear its way through some of the Chilterns’ bluebells woods*

Here in this Nottinghamshire woodland, the way through is filled, not only with sights but also scents which of-course we would expect from a hyacinth, no matter how non scriptad!

HS2 & The Chilterns – “Despite winning some concessions – bored tunnels were extended and 3 areas of ancient woodland saved – at the end of the judicial process, HS2 received Royal Assent in 2017 to proceed. “

suddenly last autumn

“They dip their wings in the sunset,
They dash against the air
As if to break themselves upon its stillness”.

The hirondelles are here
hitchhikers on a temperate wind
out of Africa even before winter
had migrated North – perhaps they did not leave
after all, after that last September day
when the sun kept back reserves of heat
and insects ascended in the vortex

out of the thermals with piercing glee
the fork-tailed birds scythed
and boomeranged through swarms
fast food for the swift metallic saw-wings
a skim above our heads then dipping
sipping the bright tidal waters
hand in hand, faces upturned, we turned
roundabout with child-like awe
mesmerised by movements, those oh so
enduring moments before our world
tail spun into grief
– I’ve watched hirondelles here again
and the whole swallow summer is yet to be
only you will not return to see

pre-edited image – free with Graphics Fairy
*opening verse ~”Swallows” ~ Leonora Speyer
Hirondelles – Swallows (Fr) – passerines of the Hirundinidae family

Joining Sherry as she hosts this Sunday’s Poetry Pantry