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Bridges of Sighs

For Merril’s Poetics prompt she has gives us: Bridges

Winding river

For my Poetics prompt, China: Kingdom of the Poem. Choosing one from a given selection of Chinese classical poems and reinterpreting the text, either in our own style or the regulated verse of Chinese ‘Lushi’ form. I chose the former with Du Fu’s ‘Winding River’ poem


It wasn’t just slippery leaves,icy pavements – but bills, banks,a big bothersome house for repair.Counting day-by-day in currencythe cost of jam, new clothes.Widowed years and woefully worriedshould poverty knock before the trumpet-call.Richest in the graveyard now. Counting blessings. Just 44 words for De’s quadrille… Continue Reading “bothersums!”