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on edge

“So I sit on the edge, wagging my feet above the abyss” – Jim Harrison seated as a half-pint child feet far from the floor, feeling out the fun limbs let loose as broken elastic with each forward swing, bright, white socks momentarily seen, like… Continue Reading “on edge”

travel costs

The cost of flight is landing ~ Jim Harrison even a dragon has to land it’s elemental for ariels the swoop through clouds of fear and awe and angels willingly gravitate their travel costs a down-payment on mortal lessons in upheaval yet to have… Continue Reading “travel costs”

Islands of the blest

“Night comes, an angel stands Measuring out the time of stars, Still are the winds, and still the hours… countdown, just as the beetle’s watch ticks across these draughty rafters the roof lifted skyward, with another notch scored into honeycombed hereafters dreams envision, marble… Continue Reading “Islands of the blest”