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nearly mine

“Saw a poem float by just beneath the surface” – Jim Harrison ~ Songs of Unreason A wrecking – that’s what it was out of a bay’s stormy waters, the ship appeared the perilous pitch and toss powered by a gibbous moon her bowsprit like… Continue Reading “nearly mine”

the writing class

“I’m quite tired of beating myself up to write.  I think I’ll start letting the words slip out like a tired child. “Can I have a piece of pie” he asks, and then he’s asleep back on the cusp of the moon.”            … Continue Reading “the writing class”

on edge

“So I sit on the edge, wagging my feet above the abyss” – Jim Harrison seated as a half-pint child feet far from the floor, feeling out the fun limbs let loose as broken elastic with each forward swing, bright, white socks momentarily seen, like… Continue Reading “on edge”