Tag: collage

Fringe benefits

A medieval mistress invisible at her softest centres attached such body parts to golden parachutes sent them on to the vanishing man of the music box fringe benefits for a secretive sensuous Taurean a beast burdened by ambition his outstretched hand was all she took as token they went as literati to a rumpled reading room just as wooden doors… Continue Reading “Fringe benefits”

Ghost of the guesthouse

This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival… the chance pull on a love-me petal the tap on wainscot where a mouse abides as unexpected guest spying out our naked consciousness nebulous mix of pride and bashfulness coy pheasant with an ostentatious crest ghosts behind broken windows peer they haunt each daylight visitor but look beyond… Continue Reading “Ghost of the guesthouse”

Falling asleep

it’s never easy to sleep in strange beds though there’ve been plenty of motels and strangers my therapist suggests a fear of falling but how can that be with a repetitive history of grazed knees and twisted ankles –  not to mention some heart stopping moments in love besides… Continue Reading “Falling asleep”