Fringe benefits

A medieval mistress invisible at her softest centres
attached such body parts to golden parachutes
sent them on to the vanishing man of the music box

fringe benefits for a secretive sensuous Taurean
a beast burdened by ambition

his outstretched hand was all she took as token
they went as literati to a rumpled reading room
just as wooden doors of bottle green shut fast

their times a bonus wind-up clock without a key
and get out clause a simple opening paragraph
versed in the first book he took and read:

“Zip down to haberdashery before the crush
pin hearts on sleeve of velvet plush”

then came the rushing rolling sound of glass
hundreds of hurtling marbles tipped the balance
felled her like nine pins in a lucky strike

Making use of Escher’s absurdities from MML’s collage prompt plus “Bonus