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it rhymes with ease assists the bees pollinates peas ruffles some trees lifts her chemise makes music with keys puts sail on flat seas chalk and cheese are gale and breeze by steady degrees rhyme fails to please incoming tempest will shatter dry leaves… Continue Reading “Tempest”

Spell of innocence

would that innocence would stay – a flickering fireside where an old cat sits pine logs hiss and children play word games help to sharpen wits their laughter bubbles up in fits when paw bats moth such comedy close by flames the creature flits burnt wings change to tragedy compassion wells the watery eye one small death and salt tears smart the spell is broken by their cry… Continue Reading “Spell of innocence”

on ice

buoyed yet not simply afloat a lone dry branchlet contours catching sunlight held quite fast by the midnight frost deep shades of slate and the thinnest of pond crust anticipating movement in the melt Trialling some WYSIWYG discipline of ‘imagism’ from a DVerse prompt and offering up something for this Sunday’s  Poetry Pantry