A slow shutter on a moving world

Chaos is a friend of mine

Bob Dylan

Just before going to new Zealand in January, I spent the weekend in Central London – my old hunting ground – and once more I was struck by the chaos of the crowds, the melee in momentum, the erratic pattern of pedestrians and so I tried to capture this with the effect of intentional blur.

I’ve walked these streets for all my life

            they know me like no other.

But the streets have changed.

            I no longer feel them


Kate Tempest ~ let them eat chaos

Rather than looking for a pinpoint of interest, create an image into which the viewer can hurl themselves headlong and revel. Chaotic photos aren’t subtle; they scream their stories loudly. Frequently it’s the chaos itself that conveys the all-important narrative: the riot of colour, the confusion of lights, the array of choice. 
Embrace the chaos theory for interesting photos

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In her photo challenge entry Patti draws our attention to the current chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic – sure I’m concerned about the predictions for the threat to life, the mass breakdown of health, the disruption to society and the economic and social fallout – so far 409 people have tested positive in London – a city of 9,304,000 people! We wait with bated breath for what happens next.

...Meanwhile I am joining Leya with her Lens Artist Photo Challenge: Chaos