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Candid canine

This is Jim – my son’s dog. He is a photogenic brown and white collie cross who rarely keeps still so it is a challenge to take his picture. These images are shot with my iPhone6 and the ‘live feature’ captures a brief sequence… Continue Reading “Candid canine”

Full up

Framing in photography is one of the arts that turns a snap into a photo. Filling it with one predominant scenario, colour or texture, is one aspect of this. It brings the subject to the viewer and cuts out distraction. Here I have paired… Continue Reading “Full up”

My pick of Ramsgate

I’ve just returned after a re-visit to Ramsgate on the Kent coast though this late September was mostly wet and windy – the complete opposite of 2018. Such weather is not ideal for photos unless one comes fully equipped with camera protectors and some… Continue Reading “My pick of Ramsgate”