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My pick of Ramsgate

I’ve just returned after a re-visit to Ramsgate on the Kent coast though this late September was mostly wet and windy – the complete opposite of 2018. Such weather is not ideal for photos unless one comes fully equipped with camera protectors and some… Continue Reading “My pick of Ramsgate”

Putting the ism in minimal

Minimalism is an art form and one that when applied to photography hovers between the profound and the pointless, the emotive and the bland. It is a style I favour and although it seems simple, that sock-it-in-the-eye simplicity is hard to achieve. There are… Continue Reading “Putting the ism in minimal”

Sugar rush

I hate to see creatures raiding our bins for fast food but on a humourous note, the squirrel does seem to be in accord with the Lens Artists’ photo challenge: Delicious