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Silurian mudstone slurps and settles a smattering of mollusced marine creatures petrified below seams of red sands yellowing old earth that would brick up city bounds from the footings of this foetid furor a landscape of upheaval spewed in volcanite fashion heat of empires forged… Continue Reading “Londonscape”

the Pepperers

Nothing to sneeze at though we grind them down without much thought yet on such spicy seeds empires were made fortunes favoured a school for clever East end London boys* riches from clove and pepper trade came sailing from the Indies in the East The… Continue Reading “the Pepperers”

A murder

Call it what you will it’s not a murder crows congregate in funereal black some attack or mob their own for reasons of their own maybe they mourn or is it morbid curiosity these gatherings for dead companions? – but now it’s Spring and corvids collect ink spotting thin… Continue Reading “A murder”