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Born again

evidently there are two sides at least for each and every three dimensional and so too the moon we are told has one that we shall never see a  lunar conundrum of numbers the obverse obscurely occult but not always dark a far flung flank… Continue Reading “Born again”

Night flight

Moths make their way by moonshine in fitful flashes of light powdered wings they brush against the jasmine vines and all the headiness of nocturnal scents settles layer by layered silence yet when the moon’s a daydreamer pale flowers and foliage filigreed silver spread a… Continue Reading “Night flight”

Comings and goings

The waves are in slow retreat, leaving almost straight and matted tide lines of marine deposits, carried from their distant depths. I pick through them, like remnants in a haberdashery store. At first, there’s nothing much of note until the eyes acclimatise to broken claws and shells with piercings, marbled stones that sparkle or those… Continue Reading “Comings and goings”