Five answers to Neruda

Who shouted with glee when the colour blue was born?
Quiénes gritaron de alegría cuando nació el color azul?

~ Pablo Neruda from “The book of questions”

born blue?
water babies
hesitant to exchange 
cry in the gasping air a while
then laugh

then laugh
merry bellied
like painters in cobalt
drenching skies once barely coated

entombed heaven
when angels dropped to earth
now men retrieve these holy spoils
with glee

with glee
then why cry blues?
through indigo we slip
to black but seeing midnight stars
sing low

sing low
the dead poet
his mother tongue of odes
mystery bathed and surely once
born blue

For my MTB: Critique and Craft prompt “Crowning Crapsey” a crown cinquain on this 5th of the fifth which employs 5 stanzas of 5 lines of 2;3;6;8;2 syllables with a repeat last to first line