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In perpetuity

“Nor will I then thy modest grace forget” (Wordsworth) raindrops on snowdrops late February after the melt where Marjorie, beloved sister always missed, resides perpetually in peace, in Latin script milk flower coverings modest sprays that naturalise with splendid vigour; vital signs of the… Continue Reading “In perpetuity”

Rain and romance

Two words trickle out – rain and – romance running together in rivulets drizzle down the glass imaginary traces of an unhurried scurry of lovers puddle hopping in syncopated rhythm the black umbrella rising and falling in time wet hair and couldn’t care less… Continue Reading “Rain and romance”


Mouldering jet in a jar miraculous almost metamorphosed from petalled white cascades of April showers heated in halcyon hours lazy fat matronly baskers swell sponge-like into summer drops rotund and diamanté purple tested on waspish tongues beads of suspended animation outlasting even winter ©… Continue Reading “Prunes”