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bright young things

Sizzling saffrons in the window box brimstone bright, they grow powdery and parched broadcast loud and shrill a thirst for liquor orangeade and decadent mists atomised in drops of clear cut glass the overblown hang limp and moist southern ladies in silken lounge ware draping their charms at the last chance saloon where even the shapeliest go to seed… Continue Reading “bright young things”


Water in a jam jar turning cartwheels with a swish of the brush. Whirls of colour, smudges and paint splashes. Cloud bursts gush the gutters and in the midst of cacophany are musical patterings from the overarching hawthorn where the chaffinch has her nest. Drips play clear, accelerando rhythms on greenhouse glass.… Continue Reading “Kisame”


my analyst would have seen a green light – were it a watery dream; leaping fish in a passion’s swell a deep-sea dive over the dam but it was no waking fancy Autumn rain, shoals of glitter-ball frantically feeling a way to the sea; how still we stood, in thrall to it all the storm… Continue Reading “Aquarium”