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Stoned at the Rock Fest

‘Geologist’ is the career path I might have gone down but having taken a different way, still retain an amateur fascination for mineral formations and the earth-shattering movements of landscapes. Definition: Rock is a naturally formed solid aggregate of one or more minerals. Stone… Continue Reading “Stoned at the Rock Fest”

Isolation #8

A stop off somewhere on the empty roads of new Zealands’s South Island. With stupendous views it is easy to forget to look down – to the simple vignettes of rock and wildflower. A lovely study of isolation! [more from New Zealand on my… Continue Reading “Isolation #8”

Caress of wave

” I do not know much about gods; but I think that the river Is a strong brown god—sullen, untamed and intractable The river is within us, the sea is all about us; “ T. S. Eliot ~ The Dry Salvages Sunday Sayings –… Continue Reading “Caress of wave”