Guest post: Son of the sea

You went darkly into the night before me,
I shadow, a daughter of the son-of-the-sea,
And slip on the tails of your spectres-glee.

This scorpion-girl speaks your water-spoken tale,
Churns through blue-marls, surface broken,
Seeking Aegir through ethereal veil.

I, the she-bird, dive deep into tide-looped motion,
Lark-high then down-low with ebb of breath,
I plunge wholly into my namesakes ocean.

Unrelenting, malice-free, your sea story is bound to me,
Bound by both times-spell and waters cradle,
The wave, the tide-turning timepiece, is never free.

In your dark days you’d call deaths name, then falter,
As it stirred in the depths of your anguished ocean, that rose,
and fell like the moon-blown breast on our aching alter.

Gone now are you, gone from these mountain streams,
That still sing and babble your word-drunk dreams,
And carry you through tear-culled valleys,
Gently into the night, son-of-the-sea, at ease.

A poem by Catherine Thomas. Summoning her Welsh roots, my daughter Catherine [Catrin] has joined my Tuesday Poetics Challenge: Love the Words – using at least 4 word compounds that Dylan Thomas employed.