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Just one song

“And this is the song of one summer among many beautiful summers, when the dust rises and dances and the sky is a blue, distant foliage…”* leafing through fresh aired lungs I stop and catch each and every inhalation the years that leap along marbled veins paths perused as stations of the cross re-crossing back and back… Continue Reading “Just one song”

Out of the blue

so you’ve made the noble echelons of poet those shotgun lyrics went from fast to loose free wheelin’ at the Welsh bard’s born again début still harping on old protest sounds so new guess you found them tangled up in blue dazzling dandy sniffing round hell’s kitchen with a long tall Sally smokin’ out your eyes… Continue Reading “Out of the blue”

there’s a wishing well

Wishing is a well where want and will bubble to the surface bobbing just beyond reach but with disappointment dimmed and reasons silenced up gushes a garden where yes! – the roses grow amongst exhibitionist blooms of the fully saturated hue crucified to courtyard walls, trees proffer fruit on sunbaked limbs pastel borders, prettily composed, pale to significance before the herbiary… Continue Reading “there’s a wishing well”