Tag: Spring

Lyrical wax

blossom’s such a cliché like Mona Lisa adorning toffee tins many a march literature steals on green ink  purveyors of Spring poesies but when sticky buds vault into verdant and sex is sprung on naked stems with catkin I leap hare-like to the lyrical Joining Kim for a Spring Quadrille

May days

“And after April, when May follows, And the whitethroat builds, and all the swallows!” And after May..but I wish for a never after holding fast as Faust to a month’s moments when the lanes foam at the mouth with birdsong frothing with petal and wild chervil a volcanic eruption of aqua vitae… Continue Reading “May days”

Yellow azaleas

Such bold chromaticity summons a word search citrine, canary or golden aurulent yellow is too weak-kneed to grasp the vivid enfeebled by cowardice and a furtive recreant feasting my eyes I hunger also for a lexicon that conceives an aromatic fragrance scenting the mot juste between stench and odour with a jaundiced pungency of remembrance In China azalea is the ‘thinking of home’ flower… Continue Reading “Yellow azaleas”