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Sea wolves

First we watched a league of longships swarm along the river Deben heard the beat of oar in rhythm heard the slapping of the water roar of Saxon froze the marrow saw the white winged sails enfolded like our homing birds at sunset so began the raids and plunder fights with iron fist and metal slaughter for each other’s kingdoms in… Continue Reading “Sea wolves”

little faith

Stone deaf the silence of the void: “who are the faithful?” murmur hangers on peering from lank and salt-tongued grasses hushed house of God that rang with prayer and praises through earth to heaven glass of arc stained light shone His eminence Medieval pomp all spent by circumstance an upkeep too steep for the dwindling mass dissolved… Continue Reading “little faith”

Repeat break

Am re-working ‘Postcards from the Edge’ as Suffolk never fails to inspire and once again am taking a short break and long breather here: Breaking cover from the dense vertical axis of London, the horizontal coastal planes of the Eastern edge of England are… Continue Reading “Repeat break”