Isolation #11

This photo has special memories for me; one early Spring break from London when Martin and I visited Harwich. Here a couple are looking over the inlet that divides Essex from Suffolk – a perfect picture of intimate isolation.

For as long as I'm well, am posting a pic a day to enhance these Covid-19 times of isolation and lockdown

10 thoughts on “Isolation #11

  1. I love how the horizon lines up exactly with the top of the rail – it’s a great effect proving you don’t always have to follow the rule of thirds.

  2. Beautiful shot. I love the lines that draw the eye to different aspects of it. Even the shadow of the couple, leading to them.

  3. Lovely image and not far from my native part of the world as well! Stay strong in isolation – I’m missing the walks with my camera, but I’m sure those days will come back.

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