A point of view

Having just returned from New Zealand with a batch of photos, it is interesting to see what drew my eye and how that fed into the different perspectives.

Shooting Upwards or the worm’s eye view

With all the mountainous and rock face views the landscape had to offer, my eye was inevitably drawn up

but standing within a bamboo grove or under a tree fern also captures the attention

Shooting Down or the birds eye view

I try to remember to look beneath the feet – and shooting down on a subject produces a strong image and interesting geometric patterns and shapes in the details

Shooting from the hip

This is something I rarely do as I never seem to get the angle right nor the focus but it can have impact

Shooting through a frame
Shooting from a low view point

The times I regret my age and lack of agility is when I want to shoot something from a low perspective. The best I can do is half bend but sometimes the subject is on elevated ground which give a faux impression of a low viewpoint

the path was lower than the lupins so I only had to bob down for this shot!
I did go eye to eye though with this duck and used a bench to haul myself up again!
happily this duck sat alongside me on the bench for an eye to eye view
I am only just starting to write up my New Zealand travel blog – see Point of Farewell
Joining Patti with her Lens Artists Photo Challenge: Change your perspective