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the Catalpa

to thunderous applause June comes in startling finches from storm topped sycamores in a seesaw swaying sea of green roosts sunlight and rain flung on an easterly course and in the mayhem one skeletal tree upstanding its trunk defaced by random woodworking a grotesque of hollow mouth and pop eyes pecked deep within the bark along the… Continue Reading “the Catalpa”


We miss you in stiller moments the tree still there as reminder showy this Spring for one so small after all it’s just five years your students all gone too gone and forgotten there’s a fox though that never fails to mark the spot 44 little words for Grace’s Quadrille #31: Still

The witch and the walnut

Over the convent wall, the tree hung its proboscis-like branches, laden with walnuts. We’d strop them with school belts, split back starchy green coverings, and trample the caseings underfoot. “Don’t eat them – the witch is looking” warned one of us and all eyes would glance towards the small, dim window, where a dummy face pressed unblinking at the huddle of… Continue Reading “The witch and the walnut”