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Sea salt

source -@hanginguptodry – the mainstay Land lubber ashore with the trees rope-soled soul sees boats haul sailcloth crack and voyagers buffeted windward Temptation a gold horizon sea fever* jack tar tales spillage on troubled waters deep oblivion Hunker down lest I dive headlong tide driven wave ridden trade wind borne from troposphere afore wake of fear © Laura… Continue Reading “Sea salt”

An old solitudarian

Naked old solitudarian standing in tatters of scrub oak and hawthorn bare cover for such unholy inhibition Neither shot by shell nor shrapnel fragment far and further still from the western front all’s quiet in the unruffled moment but linger on as keeper of the watch witness the sudden tchik-tchik shot of scarlet top-notch vivid green livery or pied polka dot parade-ground sound of drill and… Continue Reading “An old solitudarian”

the snag

marked by cloven clamouring insatiable satyrs and the pursuer, Pan resistance etched in your scarring dyed-in-the-wood maiden hand-in-hand with nemesis goes the worm through fleshy underside stripping bark, sickening the rose, * dryad choice of bride or suicide masked foresters and their careless hands armoured in dismembering chains shall scatter to the meadowlands sawdust and firewood remains… Continue Reading “the snag”