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Try poetry as prose

Because we divine the world as broken pieces of a picture puzzle, dividing lines are drawn like pistols at dawn.  Contentious at times but always highly refined – confined to this which is not that – like me and you though when it comes to we and us… Continue Reading “Try poetry as prose”

Gold dust

A small, still green umbrella of a tree stood its ground in the graveyard , just as a soldier might against the bloody rust and decay of the last battle. And there you sat – such a life-like resurrection I left my body to come and see a stranger rose and went by instead, kicking up up… Continue Reading “Gold dust”


it rhymes with ease assists the bees pollinates peas ruffles some trees lifts her chemise makes music with keys puts sail on flat seas chalk and cheese are gale and breeze by steady degrees rhyme fails to please incoming tempest will shatter dry leaves… Continue Reading “Tempest”