Not yet

The thick-walled room’s cave-darkness,
cool in summer, soothes by saying
~ Reginald Gibbons*

entry is by invitation only
or the waft of a damp white hanky
surrender your body to stillness

Not yet, not now, behind this prelude
heat of the moment is passion spent
water laps the aftermath

Larks rise and the thrush at evensong
sense the speed of light long days
- it's all written in the dawn chorus

Better that I repose in half light
parasoled and wilting by the sun dial
than submit again behind closed doors

Rooms are for night and other reasons
a cave mouth spits bats and darkness
an oroborous throat of ancestors

These past summers have flushed out youth
like game birds from the grass
we repine to shades when the time comes

Walt @DVerse invites us to use another’s lines for a ‘Summer Starter

25 thoughts on “Not yet

  1. I love the dark shadowed images twining through your words. The layers of atmosphere and sensation here are inebriating, Laura. ‘parasoled and wilting’, ‘it’s all written in the dawn chorus’
    ‘a cave spits out bats and darkness’ – a sense of tantalizing foreboding, and for some reason Uncle Vanya is coming to me, and also Alice through the Looking Glass, and a headache on a hot summer’s day as a storm brews.

    1. if it conjures all this I am thrilled Tish – as usual, imaginitive and brilliant feedback from you -many, many thanks for the encouragement

        1. airing words with such supportive readers as yourself ( ⭐ ) helps develop the voice – am so grateful for that

    1. was surprised where these opening lines took me and really enjoyed your prompt

  2. I think I am the only person here who doesn’t feel the ominous tone in this, I guess because I love caves and dark places and bats are a favorite. These past summers have flushed out youth….what a wonderful line this is. Entry by invitation only….oh yes indeed.

      1. I used to be afraid of caves and then waaaaay back in university, dated a spelunker. He took me to huge caverns and not small cramped ones that go straight down. I learned to love the monster caves.

        1. was that a hunk who had you under a spell? what an adventurer you are – I panic when I cannot see the exit

          1. He was a sweet and gracefully thin English major….lol. I’m a sucker for black hair and blue eyes. But oh my, he knew his caves!

    1. perhaps because dark wet days area all that summer has shown us so far – with some drama from thunderstorms!

  3. Deelightful and decadent, gliding like an eels in a swimming pool turned sapphire at night. Really good stuff. The sun is known; night rooms beckon with all we fear to know. Yummy.

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