Both sides of the net

Even arthropod eyes
hurtling down airborne highways
cannot register strings of spectral hues
one in two chances for the miniscule
to slipstream between or else a weighty rage
against sticky bonds and the gravitational pull
of the grave 

but headway is not always safe passage
we blunder overboard, plunge from heights
without a safety net

Am with Real Toads in the Imaginary Garden today for the Flash 55 PLUS ‘Space

16 thoughts on “Both sides of the net

    1. with tensile strength to catch, to hold or let slip through the spaces – thank you K

  1. What a superb poem, Laura. I felt my imagination expanding and contraction under the guidance of your words.

    1. great commeny Kerry – you’ve summed up what words are for beyond the day to day

    1. am afraid the existentialist/fatalist tends to see things that way!

    1. What an imaginative comparison – thank you. That road has been guided by an inadequate sat nav!

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