November nativity

Seals lumber ashore now
birth places bitterly contested in biting winds
matings too - bloodied blubber gives vent
milky pups fatten on the eternal teat
cries for the stillborn, the new born
gulls pick quarrels and placenta
all these breaths hang misty
at November's numbing nativity

Mish’s Quadrille #21 prompts us to Take a Breath

25 thoughts on “November nativity

    1. its a tough life but they are not gentle creatures – even with their doe eyes

    1. thank you Paul – seeing the seal colony one November left this deep impression

    1. absolutely – the gulls were great detritus pickers and cleaned the beach

    1. amongst the many impressions was indeed the noise of cries and calls

  1. I like that you’ve taken us to the darker side of nature, the struggles and misfortunes that we share with them in this circle of life.

    1. enjoyed your prompt Mish 🙂 first thought was the ‘breath of life’ which then roused this memory

    1. the circle of life which is particularly poignant for you right now Victoria

    1. Belated thanks Rosemary – just back from a short break though not dancing with seals this time around

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