In recovery

We came from all directions
a caravan of tatters 

To the uninitiated this passage
of peoples, random as a rout
a seasonal ceremony
or word-of-mouth pilgrimage
to hear a prophet speak

Some of us left 
supplications to the source of ceremony
bewildered by the pitiless nature of affliction
and the core of humanity that smoulders
in such fevered ashes

I’m recovering from a serious illness so it will be a while before I can fully participate with blog visits etc so ask patience for the patient

Tatters, ceremony & pitiless – from Kerry’s word list picked from the poems of Yeats for her challenge: Get listed

18 thoughts on “In recovery

  1. Oh I am sorry to hear this and send lots of healing thoughts your way….I am still recovering from the shoulder injury which also caused residual nerve issues in my arm, neck and hands….so no blogging here either my friend….wishing you a speedy recovery.

    1. Dear Donna – so sorry to hear this. Nerves take a long time to heal. I’ve been advised could take 6 months to be back to my normal bouncy self. Thank you for your good wishes – appreciate the thoughts!

  2. A very strong write. Especially like the alliteration here…” supplications to the source of suffering”
    Hope you recover quickly, Laura. Take care.

    1. Absolutely no political layering here – a literal and personal look at the world from the perspective of illness

    1. As always the kindness of your comments lifts my spirits – thank you Beth

    1. Since sickness is an ‘s’ word this phrase made for a subtle subtext – thanks Frank

  3. So sorry to hear you’ve been so poorly, Laura. All best wishes and the powers of all creative forces to the rescue. Clearly the latter are already to hand judging from this finely crafted piece. Tx

  4. I agree with Beth – your words are powerful! Wishing you that your recovery gets you your bounce back soon, and that the year goes on better for you than it started!

    1. Such a powerful ailment did not leave me lost for words – only breath! Let’s hope our year of momentum proves to be more positive than so far Kiki 😉

  5. The rhythm of this poem is divine, such a gentle way of resting on the page. Deep thoughts that resonate with me. Thank you

    1. I like that phrase ‘resting on the page’ – thank you

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