Month of Affection

major cold coming
in my latest dream three fruits
snug in crisp dry leaves
rainclouds mist the pine forest
rooster crows again
drenched red and white with riches
New Year is budding
hale Toshigami-sama
grandmother kow tows
pale as her raw rice paper
lineage etched deep
red-crowned cranes in Hokkaido
families return
we tie tassel knots on gifts
paint resolutions
daruma never tumbles
affection in our goodbyes

Notes: month of affection – Mutsuki- traditional Japanese name for January.
Toshigama is the Year god. Tomorrow is the Shinto New Year in Japan – Oshogatsu (before the adoption of the Gregorian calendar). It is the year of the rooster – read traditions here in Three Friends of Winter

Gayle/Bodhirose invites us to meet at the bar with poetry in the Japanese Choka form

13 thoughts on “Month of Affection

    1. thank you Paul – the choka led me into Japan – influenced perhaps by just having seen Scorcese’s film “Silence”

  1. I appreciate the background and notes of your verses Laura ~ May it be a good year, filled with blessings ~

    1. can’t have too many New Year wishes so its good that there is more than one! thank you Grace

  2. Your notations at the end of your poem gave some added information that was fun to know, Laura. Your choka was filled with depth and meaning…love the idea of a month for affection.

    1. I am guessing the month of affection refers to family gatherings for Oshogatsu. Your choka prompt was inspirational 🙂

    1. appreciated your comment Kathy because had not been conscious of its hopefulness but that is just what a New Year brings. Apparently the cranes of Hokkaido are the only group that do not migrate. Symbol of luck, longevity and fidelity – propitious!

  3. This reminds me of the traditions on the Chinese New Year….the red envelopes…the family visits. The season of affection…beautiful.

    1. tis the month of affections for families – Japan once followed the Chinese Lunar calendar hence the parallels- Chinese New Year or Spring Festival coming with the new moon on 28th this month –

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