the bay

Bournemouth bay ©Laura Granby

where the bay bends westward
a pincered peninsula promenades
its dawn to dusky sea-side shows
shifting sequences of scenery
sculpted by wind and curling cumuli
groynes rupture crook-backed breakers
wrenching precious grains
from children of the sand castle
and lovers still lying in knots

First poem of the year in 44 words for Quadrille #23 with a Curl

24 Comments on “the bay

  1. I see you have a sandcastle too!

    I find the alliteration in ‘a pincered peninsula promenades’ so effective, I’m puffing along the promenade with you! I also love the ‘dawn to dusky sea-side shows’ and immediately think of Punch and Judy and bathing beauties – I posted a poem about them a while back. Why are we so immersed in the seaside? I love this, Laura!


  2. I absolutely adore imagining and reading an image of peninsula promenading. Trying to imagine that is also very inspiring, both humorous and deep. Loved the poem!


  3. Love the scenary unfolding with:

    shifting sequences of scenery
    sculpted by wind and curling cumuli

    Did you check my latest email to you? Best regards ~


    • The image is a shot in time but words move the scenery – thank you Grace but did not receive an email. Contacted you with my latest email address just in case


  4. All beautifully described, and I particularly love the lovers lying in knots!


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