Ghost writer

is there the ghost of a chance
that if I were to abdicate
an unseen hand would scratch
out sentences and visit words
upon the waiting page?

but are not minds chanced
in such interior monologues
with madcap meanderings of ghosts
unchained from thought?

Kim asks us to include ‘ghost’ in Quadrille #26

18 Comments on “Ghost writer

  1. I think the mind does have all these ghosts meandering through thought. It probably takes us to actually record some of it on a piece of paper–or maybe when we write we willingly let them take over.


  2. Love this, Laura!
    I don’t know if you are aware, but I won a small prize from the Word Hut for a short story entitled ‘Ghost Writer’! It’s on my website on the ‘show’ drop-down menu under ‘Short Stories’..


  3. ‘Madcap meanderings of ghosts unchained from thought’ — a great way of describing a common form of consciousness. A lot goes on in our minds if we care to tune in.


  4. I like “unchained from thought” sigh.. beautifully penned!❤️


  5. Your poetry made me think of my muse, my ghost writer. My interior monologues are unchained from the mundane by the meanderings of a restless, poetic ghost from the past. Thanks for sparking the thought. ❤


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