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“My body is a ghostNo one about but my intelligenceQuickening…” A bell rang for afternoon restShe snuggled, wriggling toes under the thin blanketThe weight of things to have to do left For others. Drip by intravenous drip, liquid momentsSlipping past, minutely marked in measuresOf… Continue Reading “Decision”

Bored game

We girls got our kicks from ghosts hormone hiked, edgy adventurers stole churchyard flowers to summon souls white-knuckled games with ouija board something shot the glass across someone took possession Shirley sent seemingly senseless homeward bound from boarding school the sanest strategy – clever move!… Continue Reading “Bored game”

Ghost writer

is there the ghost of a chance that if I were to abdicate an unseen hand would scratch out sentences and visit words upon the waiting page? but are not minds chanced in such interior monologues with madcap meanderings of ghosts unchained from thought? Kim asks us to include ‘ghost’ in Quadrille… Continue Reading “Ghost writer”