Bored game

photoart & poem – ©2017 laura Granby

We girls got our kicks from ghosts
hormone hiked, edgy adventurers
stole churchyard flowers to summon souls
white-knuckled games with ouija board
something shot the glass across
someone took possession
Shirley sent seemingly senseless
homeward bound from boarding school
the sanest strategy – clever move!

Written for De’s 44 word Quadrille challenge: Kick


  1. That will work.

    We played a bit with quija, and the ghosts. Growing up with a graveyard in the backyard will do that.

    I dont think I could have survived boarding school, so I may have resulted in these hijinx.


  2. Fabulous Laura! I didn’t got to boarding school but we got up to similar things at our girls school., one of which was right next door to a graveyard. I love the language you’ve used, the alliteration in ‘hormone hiked’ and the sibilance in ‘summon souls’.


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