Try poetry as prose

Because we divine the world as broken pieces of a picture puzzle, dividing lines are drawn like pistols at dawn.  Contentious at times but always highly refined - confined to this which is not that - like me and you though when it comes to we and us there is need for a them. The theme of course is clarity and quite absurd when words may be as blurred as watercolours in rain. 

Poetry stands aloof from prose though one arose before the other or out of the other like mother and offspring. Hence the rebellion. And neither own their past with poesy  yet all belong in a bouquet of imagery metered out in musical patterns and mathematical vacancies. 

Just when the mist clears someone crosses the line, joins polka dots into poem adjectived by prose. But is this hybrid sterile as a mule? Without becoming prosaic can a poem be as lovely as a Kilmer tree in prose? Let them mingle since both are virtually voiced or placed in print whilst trees can catch the wind, dig the earth,  stand naked and make paper for words to nest in.

Propping this up at the dVerse bar for Frank’s challenging MTB Prose Poetry

21 thoughts on “Try poetry as prose

  1. Well done, Laura. Frank certainly had dragged me to prose poetry kicking and screaming (albeit not very loudly) the comparison between that and “true” poetry was a line I rarely crossed. It was good for the soul. I find wisdom in your words!

    1. You are a poet with rhyme in your blood so the challenge must be quite contrary. Found it hard not to hit the extremes of prosaic and purple prose so am glad you found wisdom here – thank you

  2. I think you stated the concerns of whether prose poetry is possible with this question: “Without becoming prosaic can a poem be as lovely as a Kilmer tree in prose?” I think the way you wrote that statement itself shows that it can. And trees can “make paper for words to nest in” is a nice conclusion. I think you have shown by argument and example that prose poetry is possible.

    1. Thank you for this challenge Frank not least because it stretched the possibilities of poetry and made me struggle

    1. Thank you Björn. Defining the question is the only way I know when I know not the subject matter!

  3. What an absolutely delicious take on the prompt, addressing the very prosey topic in such highly poetic language!

  4. My synapses were dancing with joy while absorbing your bouquet of virtual words. “Make paper for words to nest in” is brilliant. An inspiring piece, Laura. ❤

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