24 thoughts on “Lyrical wax

  1. What an ode to the fertile nature of spring, especially in this lines:
    “when sticky buds vault into verdant
    and sex is sprung on naked stems with catkin
    I leap hare-like to the lyrical”
    The word “vault” is so effective.

    1. such a happening time – vault is effective and one I rarely achieve though these days!

  2. Now I’m picturing the Mona Lisa wearing toffee tins. I agree: the prose is evocative. Even though “blossom” is cliche, we can’t help but leap to the lyrical when the full effect of springtime hits us.

    1. I get gooey at the sight of blossom Beth – think we are a little ahead of you with our Spring beginnings here

    1. oh yes indeed after the long dark haul of winter in the northern hemisphere nothing brighter than spring green pink blossom and yellow daffodils

  3. I agree, blossom is a cliché, especially at this time of the year when everyone seems to be writing about it, which is why your lines are so refreshing ‘but when sticky buds vault into verdant / and sex is sprung on naked stems with catkin / I leap hare-like to the lyrical. Love it, Laura!

    1. if a poem is as lovely as a tree a flowering cherry or plum must be an ode…which I could never write without the cliché so stick to sex and sticky buds. Thanks for the prompt Kim 🙂

    1. thank you – so many works of art become urbane as decor for chocolate box lids or toffee tins – do manufacturers have no taste? 😉

  4. Your ‘sticky buds’ reminded me of hands-on experiences on walking trails in nature, but burrs attach to us unknowingly and get our attention later. Thanks for the memories. ❤

    1. And trees secrete their new leaves in a bud on which they secrete sticky resin to trap and deter leaf suckers

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