my sister ‘s brave beyond compare
she climbs steep banks without a care
swings higher than the garden gate
and takes the curve on roller skates
she mocks at how I barely dare
to stand and whizz around like her

even when she breaks her wrist
she does not stop to cry and twist
her mouth into a piercing wail
or faint and go so deathly pale
and manages to stay dry-eyed
when stinging dettol is applied

she laughs when all my tears run down
at snowball fights, when stones are thrown
at jibes and taunts that hurt me more
than pinching fingers in the door
she calls me names that go with custard
because I just can’t cut the mustard

but come the time for flying things
when moths and fledgling flap their wings
then sister flees with jump and scream
so I step forward to the scene
take each creeping crawling bug
let it free and feel so smug

A poem that harkens back to childhood imagination. Celebrating Children’s Poetry – Dreaming with Stacie

8 Comments on “Smug

  1. Laura, this is such a sweet tale of two sisters and their distinct personalities & very different fears! I always wanted a sister. 🙂 I love the musicality of your verses too and the celebration of nature & play in it. Thank you for participating in my prompt! Happy weekend!


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