“Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief” Mark 9:24

We are still so many unbelievers
Your preachings barely raise an eyebrow now
nice thought nice deeds nice man
neatly portioned faith for weak digestions

hard to swallow surely but was it all just hearsay
sexed up for impact - that bio documented by disciples
your fire and brimstone tone I heed the most
but this went hell for leather with the devil
now milky priests mew policies and good intentions
money changers morphed as entry fee collectors
upkeep for the architectural glory of cathedral
our offertories scattered with reluctant coinage
dropped from sweaty palms on Sundays

even after the bread and wine
the famished are of course still with us
easy to mock as gullible those who swallow miracles
hungering for something extra-ordinary
here we stand agape at the first station of the cross
whilst the tomb is empty and the dove has flown

A little piece of Easter for the Poetry pantry

24 thoughts on “Pascha

  1. Thank you for your courage. The milk-toast and mewing allow the righteous to continue thinking they are right and that, in turn, lets them stay comfortable. Keeps them in their pews, paying their dues. Business as usual.


    1. It’s not so much the pews and dues as the platitudes (I’ve found a rhyme at last) whereas faith is a much tougher path than that

    1. All praise for seekers whatever the path but too many sit by the wayside

  2. Indeed, even after the bread and the wine the poor are still with us. Anyone who is a believer must, instead of spewing words, do something to help with that.

    1. Precisely – as the Man said quoting from Deuteronomy
      “Since there will never cease to be some in need on the earth, I therefore command you, “Open your hand to the poor and needy neighbor in your land.” “

    1. thank you Sumana – Christ’s faith was often unpalatable as is truth of the Yogis!. The poem aims to point fingers at Rationalism as well poverty of faith from clerics which keeps us as unbelievers and doubters – (not mentioning that Mammon is the main attraction and distraction)

  3. WOW! And that is the irony of the business of religion built on a profound moment in time that has the potential of renewal. So why are we still at the first station? Powerful poem–it raises crucial questions!

    1. I think because we have watered down the message and made it fit our lifestyles – thank you for your very nice comment

  4. Jesus’s teachings were wonderful. Too bad how humanity distorted them!

  5. I can’t express well enough how well said and put together I find your poem/thoughts, Laura!

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