up ended and overboard the fall
head over heels to Hades
cloven hoofed kick arounds in clover
a dizzying spin turning cartwheels
well-heeled and overdressed

unabashed stark nakedness
bare skinned raw to the core
lush red undercoat of purple plush
lithe and underfed in a seedy frigid bed
underling to an underworld king

throughout this inclement wintry fling
deep down coverlets of delicious dark
around backlit dingy thoroughfares
back up again into springing earth
over and through and through with you

Have taken on and stretched Izy’s challenge of how I get by (through winter) with a personification of  Persephone, her circular turns of the season and repetition of movements:  Up//Round//Through

13 Comments on “Circles

  1. A wonderful take on the prompt! I loved reading both the dark underworld and the triumphal bursting forth into Spring. (The ‘underfed’ was a nice nod to the legend.)


    • Glad you enjoyed this Rosemary as was unsure myself where it was going when writing but followed the prepositions – you know your mythologies!


  2. I’ve always been fascinated with that myth, and love what you’ve done with it here ~


  3. unabashed stark nakedness
    bare skinned raw to the core
    lush red undercoat of purple plush
    lithe and underfed in a seedy frigid bed
    underling to an underworld king

    My goodness such vivid images here..!


  4. Ugh…the long trawl through “blahuary” is a hard march indeed, but I love how you channeled Peresphone in such a fresh way. And how you used rich imagery to takes us on a new journey with her. Well done and viva la!!!!


  5. I enjoyed this as much as those who commented so far and find they have covered my thoughts on the piece almost conclusively…still it always feels good to pen a comment even if there is little to say. Lovely writing as always Laura.


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