We miss you
in stiller moments
the tree still there as reminder
showy this Spring for one so small
after all it's just five years
your students all gone too
gone and forgotten
there's a fox though that never fails
to mark the spot

44 little words for Grace’s Quadrille #31: Still

24 thoughts on “Memo

    1. thank you – it came together out of stillness prompt which took me by surprise!

    1. Thank you – Wondered if it was Ted Hughes ‘thought fox’ that enlivened the poem

    1. absolutely Adriana but they understand stillness – hence we humans practice Zhàn zhuāng – stand like a tree

    1. in memory of a deceased teacher. the tree is included in the urban fox’s rounds!

        1. too literal for me Sabio – this is a memo to self and perhaps to all of us about how readily we forget our teachers and their teachings. Also an underwritten reference to how our lives “are like a line drawn in water” as the yogis say. Lots to say in just 44 words – don’t get me started on the fox!

    1. Thank you for a lovely remark. A true spot of memorial tree – and there is a wandering fox – the rest poetic conjecture.

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