Made flesh

“Once below a time,
When my pinned-around-the-spirit
Cut-to-measure flesh”

it must have been those citrus summer bells
summoning brass to timpanic pitch and swell
in two toned beats that set my pulse to play
along with yet another parish church Sunday

spirit flies on sea-thrift carpet mounds
where low slung bees steal hallowed honey ground
forage in pink pistils beneath a yellow ageing yew
that kneels and sings Jerusalem to a western wind tattoo

it must have been the wedding airs of happy ever after
seedy rice and something surreptitious in that laughter
tossed bouquets tied loosely with a hidden invitation
ribbon trail pursuit of a honeymoon gestation

sweet swollen appetite for peeled and ill-cut flesh
the greedy gudgeon hooked by beastly bait in mesh
swift from discarnate seas to flounder after birth
a bare boundless soul caught fast ‘twixt tears and mirth

Opening lines taken from Dylan Thomas’ Once below a time and continued in four-line stanzas of rhyming couplets. Late entry for the Toads’ Tuesday Platform

12 Comments on “Made flesh

  1. You really conjured up the feel of the original lines. Wonderful. I’m not understanding the wordpress link mix up. Your comment appears as normal followed by another saying there is a problem. Beyond my Ken!


  2. Pistil – another word learned through your poetry 😊. Love the the colourful pic!


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