the avenue

I foot the avenue like a summer bride
a cathedralesque affair with far off altar rail
one mile or so the aisle - quite long enough
to play adagio some processional wedding motif
pews each side veiled, brim-filled and wide
dark as emeralds in deep stone shade
with brilliant coloured stains of small glass panes
where breezes part the leaves, a glint of sun

in the end there is no altar
only a heartfelt grateful prayer

Some 10 line micro poetry with Toads theme: Dark as emeralds and a small offering for today’s poetry pantry

26 thoughts on “the avenue

  1. So much accomplished in so few lines to find a space for something sacred to occur! I loved the procession — long enough to feel like a stage of life — with the chapel at its end, the dark panes of colored glass turning the interior to a deep emerald gleam. And the gift is not in the consummation but simply the ardor of the making–that “heartfelt prayer.” Wonderful response to the challenge.

    1. could not have wished for a more understanding comment Brendan so many, many thanks

  2. This gave me goose flesh all over. What a stunning view of nature as cathedral.

    1. Those goose bumps are a good sign – thank you Kerry – lime tree walks in particular remind me of cathedrals –

  3. Ah, after reading Kerry’s comment, I think I understand more….. we definitely don’t need a cathedral to experience that worshipful feeling.

  4. “I foot the avenue like a summer bride”…what a gorgeous line! Your imagery is so lush and rich, truly beautiful writing.%

  5. That cathedral feeling (and what a great adjective) of nature is something that I’ve felt… maybe the lack of altar is a blessing, we can forever do that walk and never the bridal target,

  6. I sometimes think it is easier to get in touch with the higher power when communing with nature rather than filling a pew. Pomp and circumstance sometimes obstruct our view.

    1. Imagery from my photo art of a London park avenue etched in memory for its impact ❤

  7. Whether it be cascading rivers, raging seas, towering mountains or majestic trees how often we are inspired by nature painting scenes to impress us. Allowing poets like yourself to write words to illustrate our feelings. Beautfifully done!

    1. Certainlly this kind of theme inspires me the most as well as as those internal lanscapes

  8. Yes, the poem does fit well with yours. I’ll never view a tree-lined avenue the same again. The entire piece is evocative and pleasant, but I especially enjoyed the ending.

    1. That’s reassuring Beth – all endings must be satisfactory x

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