Turn of the page

Now it is November's turn of the page
Bowing out on just the barest offering of olive branch
Shaken tip to toe by boisterous winds from the North
Taken off in storm 'til at last the last of the pageantry passes
- (Stores of leafy memories kept back for winter tales)
Floors of wood and forest must bear the brunt of rustic ruination
Carmine and copper carpets diminishing to earth
Thinning with frayed edges where the roots clutch
And dormice nestle down with nuts of beech and hazel
Hand wave to Autumn's long goodbye

In the Imaginary Garden, Kerry invites us to say A Skyflower Friday: Goodbye

25 thoughts on “Turn of the page

  1. A beautiful gentle write Laura. Thank you for sharing.
    Anna :o]

    1. Autumn always feels like that to me Sherry before winter moves in for the duration

  2. Reminds me of my little chipmunk raiding my bird feeder cheeks bulging getting ready for winter. Great poem of the changing season.

    1. I can visualise those cheeks Dwight – thank you for that!

  3. Laura, Your selection of words are so careful and so brilliant. Your scene and color descriptors set a tone and mood that blend perfectly.

    1. And for Autumn to give way to winter which in turn takes forever to say goodbye!

    1. Well said Susie – we must use an artful eye to view the seasons & not just body warmth!

    1. Thank you Grace – I have a naturalists heart but sometimes slip slide into anthropomorphism – am wary of that although John Clare manages with aplomb
      “When Winter comes in earnest to fulfil
      His yearly task, at bleak November’s close”

  4. I so enjoyed this poem, Laura, and imagined November turning the page and
    ‘Bowing out on just the barest offering of olive branch’.
    I also loved the use of colour in
    ‘Carmine and copper carpets diminishing to earth
    Thinning with frayed edges where the roots clutch’.
    Oh to cuddle up with the dormice!

  5. Beautiful! I love how you capture the changes in season, and signify the process of slow decay with ‘Thinning with frayed edges where the roots clutch’.. it somehow reminds me of transition which we as human beings experience within our short span of life.

    1. A charming analogy – thank you for this nice and incisive comment

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