the crux

church of St Paul's photoart & poem - the crux
photoart & poem – ©2017 Laura Granby

Sometimes the West door is sealed
cameras secreted where gargoyles scrutinize lead rooves
people disbarred – or lured by coffee aromas
vegan buns and picnickers in pews
I wander our churches for whereabouts of worship
and coming to the crunch
feel God wondering there too

Just 44 words scrunched together for De’s Quadrille: Crunch
(informal: a crucial point or situation)

36 Comments on “the crux

  1. I like your views of St. Pauls. I love the wonder/wander as well. the few times I visited I was always amazed at the picnickers in church pews.


  2. Many years ago when I worked in Cheapside, I used to wander down to St Paul’s on my lunch break. Back then it wasn’t quite so busy in the week, not so many tourists, and it was a place to enjoy peace and quiet, some time to think. I can understand God wondering at the picnickers in the pews.


  3. I liked God’s wondering and the sound of “picnickers in pews”. That was a very nice photograph. It reminded me of stained glass which would fit the church theme.


  4. That ending line calls for a deeper reflection between God and ourselves ~ Love your perspective ~


  5. This was a wonderful poem. So descriptive… cameras in Gargoyles and God wondering with you among the pews!! Perfect!


  6. There’s a small caf in St Paul’s crypt but I’ve never seen anyone picnicking in the pews. I must watch for this next time that I’m there.


  7. Great take on the prompt. You had me a little confused with “rooves,” which I assume is meant to be a plural of roof? But once I got past that, I loved the underlying theme.

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  8. That last line somehow had me wondering if the Lord had a whip of cords in hand to chase after the merchants of candles and coffees.


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