Idlewild is how best I like to be
empty days and diary pages kept full
of wool-gathering dates
appreciating a backwood space to amble
and unscramble self from the frenzied crowd

I have leaned long on broken fences
commencing with daydream dawn chorals
sorrel suns flooding field and water meadow
a crescendo of birdsong before sudden silence
licence then for insect hum to break from clouds

it is late in the full blown season and even snow
tip-toes when the curfew bell has sounded
rounded up farmyard and fowl into their stalls
the shawl of night will wrap me reconciled
idlewild and boundless in the shroud

Title and image with kind permission from the wonderful photography blog SunEarthSky. For this week’s Poetics: Photography by Sharon Knight. Many thanks to Sharon – and Mish for this prompt.

25 thoughts on “Idlewild

  1. Laura, your descriptions are so wonderful in this delightful poem. I love the image of the snow tip toeing when the curfew bell has sounded and so much more about this. You make me want to escape to this place and, funny coincidence, there is an Idlewild in the mountains above me, here in So. California. You made me pay attention to its wonderful name.

    1. Sharon the photographer called this idlewild so now I wonder if there is also a place by that name in her neck of the woods -thank you Victoria – am,happy you too felt the escapism I found in this name

    1. It’s partly the wish fulfilment dream of a city dweller – happy that it registered with you

  2. I can’t wait for warmer weather to return so I can enjoy rambling in Pennsylvania’s lovely woods. Snow hasn’t tiptoed around here lately!

  3. Laura, I read this poem with SUCH delight. I just love it. Especially “I have leaned long on broken fences”, the bird chorus, and “even snow tip-toes when the curfew bell has sounded.” Just gorgeous.

  4. ‘Idlewild’ it sounds so accommodating and friendly yet, freely dignified. Will remember it!


  5. A beautiful interpretation of Sharon’s photo. Love the alliteration and internal rhyme. The “shawl if night” was such a comforting ending.

    1. Only just posted the audio – thought I would try it out. I like that rhyme pattern – glad you did too

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