40 thoughts on “Late riser

  1. Gosh such breathtaking imagery in this one, Laura!💞 I love “dawntreader in dreams” and “downy dusk”.. it’s truly something to look forward to each day! Beautifully executed.💞

    1. lovely words Sanaa – wish I could rise to see the golden dawn but…

  2. Your words and picture are both worth their weight (Hmmmm…. that’s not quite right, but you know what I mean, lol) in gold. Lovely!

  3. The Dawnteader of dreams indeed! A good title for all of us seeking those gilted bits and pieces of light in the morning dawn!

    1. thank you for your comment – I like tight! the quadrille form is good practice for not wasting words –

  4. As a person who plays with the camera and the pen, I find much to enjoy in your quadrille! I’ll go against the flow and say that I liked your use of the technical (2000k).

    1. thanks Charley – breaking rules but at least it rhymes with ray!

  5. “I’m a dawntreader in dreams” — this line leaves me breathless. There is so much beauty captured in this piece…almost as much as in your photograph. Stunning.

    1. Delightful De – both your comment and your prompt. Thank you!

  6. So the beauty of the morning hasn’t dawned on you yet Laura? However dusk, though sad, also has its charm as you clearly show.

  7. What a wonderful title for this one, Laura. I just observed a gorgeous peach and coral sunset, but had forgotten my phone. But we have these most night as the sun goes down behind the mountains.

    1. Elusive is that golden light – Victoria – took me a while to find a title for this – thank you

  8. Lovely golden photo. I too am a late riser! Your words before I the photo beautifully. I love the reference to the Dawntreader.

    1. Did not want to filch from C S Lewis but photographers do tread the dawn while I sleep

  9. Oh yes, Laura, panning for gold in the Golden Hour – and the photo is indeed golden, as is the poem! I particularly love the lines:
    ‘I’m a dawntreader in dreams
    only bouncing from bed
    for the gilt of downy dusk’.

  10. kaykuala

    I’m a dawntreader in dreams
    only bouncing from bed
    for the gilt of downy dusk

    Great word-craft Laura! Gives impression of lots of movements!


    1. Interesting comment Hank as I guess the movement is in the contrast between the risen and the late riser

    1. I had the likes of you in mind with this I guess! – thank you Amy

    1. not much gold of late though Bryan with gloomy winter but Spring hopes eternal!

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