what’s in a poem?

visuals in verse is poetry
strip-lit ideas along ley lines
- rhymes seasoned to taste

melodious metres that pulse and quicken
a tick-tock lexical diction
worming away with sound

skaters on figures of speech
- or drydock dictionaries  when poems
fail to sail us listeners ashore

Putting some poetry into 44  words for Victoria’s ‘Poem‘ quadrille

38 thoughts on “what’s in a poem?

  1. Oh, I love this description! Wonderfully visual! Laura, would you please email me at wildwomantwoATgmailDOTcom ? I have a question for you. Smiles.

    1. thank you Sherry for your very nice words…have emailed as requested

  2. “strip-lit ideas along ley lines”

    “melodious metres that pulse and quicken
    a tick-tock lexical diction”

    “skaters on figures of speech
    – or drydock dictionaries”

    Wow. Fabulous sound!

    1. Thank you! Been a little while since I’ve posted a poem so it has felt like drydock –

  3. Oh Laura, your muse is on overdrive. This is so full of delight. I was going to highlight my favorite lines but you would have the whole poem here in comments. Thank you.

    1. Fabulous feedback Victoria – was in need of your prompt to drive the Muse

  4. clever and delicious word play … makes for delightful poeming …. which is beginning to sound like a word bombing (like yarn bombing) to my ears …. which is making me smile 🙂

  5. A great poem Lara ! Loved all of you symbolism for poetry!! Skaters on figures of speech!! You were on a roll today!!

    1. Took a while to roll it out Roth – only skated at the end -thank you

    1. That was a piece of graffiti I shot quite a while back – just waiting for this prompt – thank you

    1. Poetry can be so erudite but dry and that epithet came in a flash as to just what I am wary of as writer and listener

    1. Thanks for noticing that – I especially like words that the tongue enjoys playing music with

    1. Was going to audio capture this one so thanks for listening Björn

  6. You’ve captured the essence of poetry with magical phrases. Well done!

    1. Having only 44 words to work with I aimed for essence – thanks Bev

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