Pearly gates

I’ve already trashed eleven with a flourish
(good riddance to bad rubbish and all that)
today seven drafts are designated for delete
which sounds ominously like the tumbrels
but since all of them hang together like a badly beaded bracelet
it’s just a matter of cutting the string – Ping!
three though have just enough pearls to warrant a stay of execution
hand made to measure for erasure:-

wayfaring is a muted affair
to lift the canopy and vanish
after fattening lambs
the city rolled into dusty tracks
feeling foolish then in sudden rain
watering-can clouds caught me
in flagrante without a care

Helios’ arrival was opportune
two pawns  taken en passant
vain weathercock warriors
canting as a homespun queen

An erasure poem of my own drafts  – Charley (Life in Portofino) calls his drafts sleeping alligators – I wish I’d thought of that so with a nod to his wordsmithing, this category is called ‘crocks on the rocks’
Today,  1st of July is a fresh start and am putting these mouldering lines on the shelf of Poetry Pantry #409

38 Comments on “Pearly gates

  1. You are brave to trash them. I tend to let them age like an old wine hoping that even if they don’t stand by themselves they might be the basis for later thoughts…but kill them? Oh no!


  2. Nice. And I’m always up for sending words off in the tumbrels. Off with their verbs!


  3. The upcycling was definitely worth it – a fine erasure poem.

    Of long-forgotten and rediscovered drafts, sometimes I wonder what planet I was on when I wrote ‘that’…and then press delete.

    Anna :o]


    • Thank you – felt good to end up with a poem after the rub outs

      P.s. Drafts are a bit like old boyfriends and the ‘what on earth did I see in him” feeling


  4. Such a stunning erasure poem, Laura! 💜 Especially like: “wayfaring is a muted affair to lift the canopy and vanish after fattening lambs.” 💜

    Strangely I have never been able to keep drafts.. I just ramble on and click publish! 😉


  5. New beginnings often require sacrifice, reshaping, letting go… of one thing in order to reach for another. Every now and again, the re-crafting gives something precious. It’s one of the things I like about editing, redacting, remaking.


  6. Those 3 that survived – ‘handmade to measure for erasure’- sure did well in the end. Brave of you to be able to trash and cut work you’ve discarded. I hold onto mine …(I’m not sure to what end).


  7. I truly enjoy this! And thank you for the credit… always nice to discover I’ve done something worthwhile. You murdered your babies nicely, and created a better poem (probably) in the process.


  8. I am going to use the line “hand made to measure for erasure” to motivate me during revisions! The poems told an interesting story. 🙂


  9. Glad you visited my paintings so I found your words! have enjoyed it all and will be back for more. Especially loved this one as I have a plan to take a lot of my old pastels that didn’t really work out in the rain and wash them off to start again!


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