From gyratory to square

On a recent city walk eastward we were pleased to find our way into this green public space – once a gruesome gyratory road, it has been re-developed as Aldgate Square. Such is the extent of transformation that Mr G who was born close by did not recognize where he was.


Where until very recently traffic revolved around an unwieldy intersection, there are now lawns, raised planters, pleached Hornbeam trees (a favourite of mine) and a (rather ugly roofed) cafe building. Suddenly, snaking out of the brick tiling, appear intermittent jets of a parabola fountain. Like bent glass rods they arc down into LED lit points and I am mesmerized by them. Thank goodness the cafe’s facilities are for public use because water watching can have predictable effects.
Becky’s challenge this month #InthePink can be monochrome or colour, or even ‘tickled pink’ as I was with this fountain – it just has to be square!

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