An old friend

Here she is again. A favourite muse for the camera. We’ve been visiting her through the decade or so of our walks along the Deben. The setting is timeless; one of waders and gulls living off the ebb and flow of the tidal river. On the opposite bank Sutton Hoo changes with the season, appearing much the same though in late autumn as on this warm mid-February day. The boat’s decay is slow and sure. It’s only natural. Alas, one of us can no longer come to see.

Joining in with this week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge: Nature

17 thoughts on “An old friend

    1. lovely comment Jilly ❤ I think she is a bit over-exposed in more ways than one as I feel the colours are a bit too muted but then I usually do B&W so what do I know 😉

  1. The familiar is always a fitting subject. The model (boat’s remains) is comfortable, exposed before your lens, and you are comfortable in demanding just the right pose. Comfortable/comforting. Evocative to both the photographer and the many viewers. ’tis a lovely image, Laura… not a tad over-exposed in my opinion. But then, I lean towards black and white myself.

    1. your appreciation is much appreciated Charley – this is her best side though on the other there is a small decaying rowing boat attached so there she reminds me of a whale with calf

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