POM: February 2019

Would that it were Woodbridge! This was nearly my next move but life decreed otherwise. We made good friends here and unwittingly I put down roots in this part of Suffolk some years ago, sitting by the quay and the white boarded Tide Mill [related post: The Spot]

Instead I am migrating North today and that will be another story -but on this mid-February morning, the sun shone and I made my farewells…for now.

Pick of the Month: Marking the the passing of the month with one representative photo though not always saving the best pick of the pics till last.

6 thoughts on “POM: February 2019

  1. I have that same photo somewhere, from a short stop in Woodbridge on the way back to our home in Surrey from Suffolk. A nice place. A place I think I could put down roots. But there have been many and maybe many more. Who knows?

  2. I am certainly not anywhere I thought I’d be… thank goodness! It’s much better than I could imagine. Hoping this for you.

      1. I understand. You are thought of daily, by more people than you would think.

        Which could be scary in this day and age…. 🙂

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